Joliet Seventh-day Adventist Church
Joliet Seventh-day Adventist Church

Unsealing Daniel's Mysteries


Friday, Saturday and Sunday

September 8-10 at 6 pm

then every Sunday at 6 pm


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Discover how Daniel and his friends
used diet to become 10 times wiser
than all of the astrologers
and magicians of his time!


Prayer Requests


If you would like to request our
Prayer Team to pray for you,
go to the Contact Us page
(link above) to submit your request.


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Health Programs


Coming this fall...

We will be having a health program to correlate with a study on Daniel Prophecy we hope you will join us to learn about Daniel's diet.


If you have any requests for future topics or for more information, send an email to:


Crest Hill Christion School



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