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Prayer Requests

This section of our website lists the prayer requests we have received. To provide privacy for requests for an issue of a sensitive nature, those have been listed on a seperate, secure page. The Lord knows each silent request presented, so you may pray "for all those listed on the prayer request list" and He will know which needs to address for us.


If you would like to add your request to our list, send the request to:


and we will add it to the list.


Thank you for remembering these requests in prayer.



Date of Request Requested By Request
    The victims of hurricane Harvey
09/09/17   The victims of hurricane Irma
09/09/17   Unsealing Daniel's Mysteries series
09/09/17 Janie Safety of Joy's family in Florida
09/09/17 Sherri Safety for family in Florida during the hurricane
09/09/17 David Barbara's hip surgery on 9/11/17
09/09/17 Sharon Don's illness
09/09/17 Sharon Maggie's medical issues
09/17/17 Freddie Horace - medical concerns
09/17/17 Kathy Nancy - medical concerns
09/17/17 Freddie Barbara's recovery from hip surgery
09/19/17 Pastor Carol - medical issues
09/20/17 Pastor Those in the path of hurricane Maria
09/20/17 Jessie Jesssica - safety
09/21/17 Eddie Healing - medical concerns
10/14/17 Shaun/Laverne Healthy Preganancy


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